Thursday, September 6, 2012

Traveling the globe via postcards

Our main job here at Lane Library is to help our students get the most out of college, usually that means helping out with research.  One thing that is so particular and important to the college experience is the opportunity to travel abroad.  It is truly a priceless experience in every respect and we want to encourage everyone to take this rare opportunity!  

It is in the spirit of encouraging our students to travel that we joined up with For every card we send out telling people all about Ripon, Wisconsin, we receive one in return from a randomly chosen location across the globe.  So far we have received 7 from across Europe and Asia.  All of the postcards we get are hanging in the copier room at the library next to a map with numbered pins in the area the card is from.  Here are digital images of the postcards we've received so far:  

The first one we got was from a teacher, Inna, in the Ukraine 

From Vatsala in Pune, India celebrating her country's badminton bronze medal winner in this year's Olymipcs

A beautiful seascape from Tatyana, in Tomsk, Russia

From Matylda in Bialystok, Poland, one of Poland's largest cities with 3 major universities

From Verna in Hong Kong, who wrote all about the amazing food in her city (as if we need ANOTHER reason to go!)
From Xu in China, who wrote "Welcome to China" on the back in Chinese (thank you to Ray, our circ worker for helping with the translation)

From Winni in Funkstadt-Nauen, Germany, home of Deutsche Welle and Radio Berlin

We love getting postcards from around the world and look forward to building quite a collection.  Next time you are printing something out, take a moment to flip through the cards and check out the map.  If you are interested in learning more about Postcrossing, visit  Happy Postcrossing, Lane Library!

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