Monday, August 20, 2012

Last day of summer

There has been so much activity here at the library with the renovations that we aren't sure where the summer went.  If you have not been following us on Facebook, we had the red-orange carpet removed from 3A, got lots of new chairs and tables, removed carpet from walls (yes, you read that right), got new paint, and new computer set ups.  I would say we're "leaner and meaner," but "more inviting" and "cozier" is a much more accurate way to phrase it. (see pics below)

Just a few of our improvements include:
  • No more waiting to print a document!  Students will now be able to use a "Quick Print" station.  Basically, this is two computers whose only function is to open files and send to the printer.  
  • The South Reading Room has popular magazines and newspapers, and lots of comfy furniture to study, read, work, and socialize.
  • The North Reading Room has all new wooden chairs and tables for group work or if you need a lot of surface area for your stuff.  
  • The Information Commons now has secluded cozy spots, comfortable people-watching seating by windows, lots of group work space, three movable white boards, and plenty of computers.

North Reading Room (before) - note the plastic chairs and veneer tables

North Reading Room (after) with hard wood tables and chairs

South Reading Room (before)

South Reading Room (after) with comfortable furniture and newspapers

Looking into the North Reading Room from the Circ Desk before renovation

After renovation - so much brighter and more open!  Did you notice the new wall paint and decoration, too?

We are so happy with the new interior.  I know the library will be used much more this year due to how elegant and comfortable it has been made - the library is exponentially more inviting.  I can't wait to hear the returning students' reactions (and am keeping a running list of quotes).  We'd like to thank those who have generously given to make this possible - from the librarians, student workers, and patrons, thank you!

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