Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Keeping up with popular news

Did you know...

that Lane Library has over 80 print journals and many of them would be considered popular magazines?  In a world of having information available instantly online, some nostalgic still exists in the comfort that can be found in picking up one of the latest print journals.  Stop by the library today to browse through the latest popular editions, which can be found next to the circulation desk.  We even offer one-day checkout of the latest popular magazines.

Catching up on the latest news, pick up the latest Atlantic, New Yorker, orEconomist.

Looking for something outside of politics?  Browse through Jazz Times, Popular Photography, or Make.

Wanting to practice another language?  Pick up CambioL'Obs, or Der Spiegel.

Need inspiration for your literary side?  Poetry or Paris Review might be your choice.

Or simply need an escape from academics, we have Rolling Stone and National Geographic.

Can't find what you are looking for?  Head on over to the library website and the journal finder to see where you will locate 60,000+ academic and popular full-text journals available to you.

Need a little assistance along the way?  Please do stop by and ask one of your librarians!

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