Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Proof of Heaven

Hello everyone.  Welcome back to the dark recesses of the library where Carl, your friendly cataloger, keeps vigil.  Many books come across my desk that are interesting and, if I had the time, I'd like to read many of them.  Recently, I was cataloging a book titled Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander.  It looked like a good and easy read, so I took it home and read the whole book in one night.  

In this text, Dr. Alexander, a experienced neurosurgeon, describes how he faced a rare and life threatening illness.  While in the ICU, he wasn't expected to live because parts of his brain had shut down and he was in a coma. 

While in a coma, Dr. Alexander encountered a Near Death Experience (NDE), which he later described in great detail.  Dr. Alexander goes on to explain that before his experience, he believed that an NDE was something the brain made up when it was threatened.  But in Dr. Alexander's case, the part of the brain that controls consciousness and would generate such an experience was shut down at the time.  After sharing his story, Dr. Alexander goes on to confront the apparent gulf between hard science and spirituality regarding NDEs with clear and concise efficiency. 

Proof of Heaven is an excellent read, and if you have an interest in topics such as the afterlife, I'd suggest checking this one out.  The call # is:  RD592.9.A54 A3 2012

Carl Ziebell
Lane Library

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