Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Digital Makerspace Workshop Schedule

Another semester of Digital Makerspace Workshops at the library and we have a lineup of new topics.   This spring semester we have been focusing more on the digital end of things and finding new tools that will help you succeed.  Also with the campus transition to Gmail this semester, we have a few more Google-oriented workshops to get you familiar with how to get the most out of Google education apps you now have access to through Ripon College.  We have already held workshops on Google Drive, Gmail, and WeVideo Editing.

Some things don't change, and as always the workshops are free and with no advance registration required, and we try and do two sessions of each workshop. The content covered in each of the two sessions is the same, so you only need to attend the one that fits into your schedule.  The workshops last about 30 minutes, and are generally held in the Waitkus Computer Lab in Lane Library, unless otherwise noted.

Below is a list of our remaining Digital Makerspace Workshops this semester:

Basics of the 3D Printer        
Tuesday, February 18 @4:15pm in the North Reading Room
The Makerbot 3D Printer is available for you to be innovative and release your creativity for your coursework.  Want to find out what the printer can do?  Professors Bob Wallace and John Dalziel will be leading the workshops, demonstrating how the printer works and the guidelines for use.

FreeCAD for designing with 3D printer   
Tuesday, February 25 @4pm                                                      
Now you know that you have a 3D Printer available to you, how are you going to go about designing a new project?   Guest Stephanie Prellwitz will take you through the basics of FreeCAD to get you started in 3D printing.

Monday, March 3 @noon / Tuesday, March 4 @4pm        
Thousands of eBooks are available for your use through the library.  Are you looking for help on where to find eBooks or maybe how to use and download them to your own personal device?  Stop by for a hands-on workshop and get some answers to your questions.

What is Scalar?   
Monday, March 10 @noon / Tuesday, March 11 @4pm        
Scalar is an open-source publishing tool that allows user to create born-digital scholarship online, as simply as traditional blogging, but a lot more powerful.   Learn more about what Scalar is, how you can and why you would want to use it.   See why you might want to add some visual and interactive spice to your book, chapter or online project.

Google Sites:  Create Wikis and your own Webpages   
Monday, March 24 @noon / Tuesday, March 25 @4pm        
Learn to create a wiki or webpage for yourself, your student organization or class project.  Find the tips and tricks necessary to navigate and create your own web presence from Matthew Bolwerk at ITS.  

Advanced Google:  new search strategies  
Monday, March 31 @noon / Tuesday, April 1 @4pm
Want to find out how to do a better, faster search with Google?  All searching is not equal; learn how to take advantage of the Advanced Google search to find what you are looking for the first time.

Budget Friendly Software Alternatives   
Monday, April 14 @noon / Tuesday, April 15 @4pm        
The life of a student and discounted software does not last forever, but that does not mean that you will only have high cost options.  Stop by for a tour of some of the free software options available to you, regardless of your student affiliation.   

If you have any questions, comments, or any suggestions for future Digital Makerspace workshops, please let us know! 

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