Monday, August 3, 2009

Final summer project from Morgan Douvris

After conducting research into the documented and undocumented sentiments towards racial issues on campus, I have learned many things about what molds and shapes our individual experiences. It has given further evidence to the fact that everyone is different no matter what category you would like to put them in. We cannot assume that every Black person at Ripon has negative or positive experiences because many factors like background, appearance, level of involvement, and attitude can contribute to opposite experiences. Race relations have always been and always will be an issue not just on the Ripon Campus, but everywhere. But as long as education remains a goal for everyone, we can begin to bridge the gap.
--Morgan Douvris

[This summer Morgan Douvris interviewed several recent alumni regarding their experiences as African American students at Ripon College. Both the interviews and her paper can be found in the Ripon College Archives.]

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