Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Before Seward and Elm Streets

Hi, I'm Andrew Prellwitz, Ripon College's new archivist. As I've been looking through the collection of photographs and documents in the archives, I've noticed quite a few great snapshots of the college's past that I would like to share with you all. Some of the images are pertinent to changes currently taking place at Ripon College--others are just interesting images that capture the college's rich and vibrant history here on the prairie and rolling hills of east central Wisconsin. If you have any comments or stories about the images on this blog, I invite you to share those.

The first image that I would like to share with you is of the areas around Elm and Seward Streets. If you have been back to campus recently, you may have seen the transformation of these streets into more pedestrian friendly sidewalks and green areas. (Well the green areas will appear in the spring when the grass grows again...) The first image above is taken approximately from where Bowen's Woods begin on your way to lower campus. Bartlett Cottage is visible behind the young men playing tennis.

The second image is taken presumably from the top of what is now the Evans Admissions Center (Hughes House) looking at Bartlett Cottage, upper campus and of what is to become Seward Street.

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